Maritime rescue sub-center


MRSC – maritime rescue sub-center in Berdiansk was created to perform efficient control in the area of responsibility of the State MRCC of SE "MSRS" in the Sea of Azov region, according to the requirements of international conventions SOLAS-74 and SAR-79.
The main purpose of MRSC Berdiansk is:
- organization of efficient performance and coordination of SAR missions in the Sea of Azov region
- coordination of SAR missions engaging specialized SAR units of SE "MSRS", life-saving equipment of other authorities an vessels, locating in this region.
MRSC Berdiansk is equipped in accordance with the IMO regulations (COMSAR Circ.37 / 28 February 2005) and has the AIS based vessel traffic monitoring system. MRSC Berdiansk specialists provide watch 24\7, receiving and processing distress signals.
MRSC Berdiansk functions in direct cooperation with coastal radio stations (CRS) of SE "MSRS" in Berdiansk and Mariupol, which provides immediate processing of distress signals in DSC VHF format.
GMDSS: 16 channel VHF, Berdiansk RCC.