Composite field exercise of MSRS sea and shore facilities


 On 10.07.2013 a composite field exercise of both sea and shore forces of the state enterprise Marine Search and Rescue Service took place. The exercise involved the multipurpose vessel (mpv) Alexandr Okhrimenko and SAR speedboat PRK-04.


As per the exercise plans, a sham distress alert was received by the State Marine Rescue Coordination Centre in Odessa (SMRCC), presumably as from the area of 7 nm from Sarych Cape in the Crimea. The search object was presumably a liferaft for 15 persons. The Marine Rescue Coordination Sub-Centre (MRSC) in Sevastopol was assigned as SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC).


The duty shift of the MRSC calculated the estimated search area and likely subareas. The details and relevant search diagrams were sent to Masters of the SAR vessels by special radio facilities. The ETA of the SAR units at the search area was calculated, the priority defined and On-scene SAR Coordinator (OSC) appointed.


The field exercise taken by MSRS had the objectives as follows;


- to check preparedness of the facilities, sea and shore technical aids to the SAR operations conduct;


- to check the communication arrangements and action of its elements, including the Global Maritime Distress And Safety System (GMDSS);


- to check response and efficiency of the MRSC Sevastopol personnel regarding the notification and coordination of the SAR facilities in case of distress at the sea;


- to check the systems and machinery of the SAR vessels at sea and in various operational modes;


- to drill cooperation of SAR crews in the course of a SAR operation.


The SAR mission was over at 13.30 successfully.


Upon the mission’s completion, the speedboat took the order to approach the mpv A. Okhrimenko to board the rescued and render medical assistance to them. The mpv A. Okhrimenko headed towards the PRK-04 and finally admitted the rescued aboard. The injured received medical assistance along with the Telemedical Assistance Service from shore (TMAS) drill


The completion of search was reported to Duty Captain-Coordinator of SMRCC.


Upon the mission’s completion, mpv A. Okhrimenko and PRK-04 proceeded to the port of Sevastopol to their deployment sites.


In the course of the field exercise there were employed corresponding technical facilities of satellite communicationis, as well as drilled some terms of communications with the facilities of Coast Guard of State Border Service.


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S&H Complex in Kerch launched in full


On 26 June 2013 the Soft & Hardware Complex was set in trial operation for the Black and Azov Sea SAR technological processes management and control of Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Subcentre, Operational Control Centre of the Shore Radio Facility in Kerch, and an automated shore-based GMDSS A1 sea area radio station in Kerch.

The presented S&H Complex as a separate segment of the shore infrastructure consists of Shore Radio Facility of GMDSS A1 area around the Kerch Peninsula and Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Subcentre in Kerch.



Soft & hardware complex for the functions of control and management of technological processes of SAR at the Black and Azov Sea has commenced its work


30.05.2013 Soft and hardware complex for the functions of control and management of technological processes of SAR at the Black and Azov Sea has commenced its work


To meet requirements of the international conventions Ukraine being a party to, and to raise the current level of shipping safety, the state enterprise Marine Search and Rescue Service in accord with its main objective has taken proper steps improving the existing organizational and technical background and further development of the national system of search and rescue in the maritime SAR area of Ukraine.


SAR operation searching for 3 persons in the Odessa Bay


The Rescue and Diving Service of the State Service of Ukraine on Emergencies alerted the State Maritime Search & Rescue Centre on 17.04.2013 at 09.55 LT on the three residents of the Kotovsky residential area of Odessa city to have left for the sea late tonight  and failed to return back.

According to the information by their relatives and friends, the lost sailed on a plastic boat in the vicinity of Vapnyarka village near Odessa around 11 pm.

The operation involved the SAR speedboat PRK-01. At 12.39 the boat started to the area of the object’s probable location. At 14.31 the crew detected the capsized unmanned boat in 2 km southern of the Severny Odesskiy Cape. The search is still on.

The weather conditions in the SAR operation area are: wind NE 6-9 mtr/sec, sea 2 balls, seawater temperature 8C.

Press Office of SE MSRS


Rescue of eleven seafarers from m/v “Nikolai Bauman”


Alert from aboard of m/v “Nikolai Bauman” has been received by State Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (SMRCC), Odessa, at 9.06 LT March 06, 2013.

At 9.54 SAR speedboat PRK-03 was launched towards the region of distress. Evacuation of eleven seafarers was started at 10.42 upon arrival to the scene. Weather conditions at the moment of operation – wind 14 meters per second, wave height 1,5 meters

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