The representatives of SE “MSRS” took part in 100th session of Maritime Safety Committee


 From 3rd to 7th December 2018 in the headquarters of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) a 100th session of Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) took place in London. Ukrainian delegation, which included representatives of State Enterprise "Marine Search and Rescue Service" of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine took part in the discussion.

In the beginning of the session Ukrainian delegation expressed firm protest to Russian Federation in terms of armed attack and capture of three Ukrainian military speed boats with crew members near Kerch Strait. Numerous facts of discriminative checks of the vessels, which were heading to Ukrainian ports by Russian Federations were condemned. Those facts are considered to be brutal violations of UNO Maritime Law Convention and relevant bilateral Russian and Ukrainian agreements.
 Such position of Ukraine found support among influential IMO member countries, such as Great Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zeland, Georgia, Baltic countries and the EU separately, which condemned the act of armed aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine.
 During the work of MSC session Ukrainian side took part in the approval of amendments to International code regarding wide checking program during examination of bulk ships and oil tankers, as well as developing of the project of Resolution in terms of making amendments to the Special purpose ship code, adoption of amendments to International Shipbuilding and fitting Codes, for the vessels, which carry hazardous chemicals and so on.
 As result of the work of delegates, including participation of MSRS representatives, new instructions for improvement of the IMO sub-committee of Navigation, communications and search and rescue functioning were taken, which is becoming more and more important inside the organization. Indirect evidence of such fact is the decision about extending the work of the sub-committee from 5 to 8 days in January 2019.
 On the last day of session on the 7th of December Ukraine provided a document "Safety of navigation in the Northern part of the Black sea", the discussion of which resulted in decision to start the monitoring the navigation situation in this part of the Black sea. As result, some countries, like Georgia, Canada and the USA, as well as EU condemned unlawful unilateral actions of Russian Federation in the Black sea and Kerch strait, which create a threat to the safety of navigation and freedom in the open sea.
 As result, MSC appealed to member countries and other interested parties to inform IMO about any threat to safety of navigation in the Northern part of the Black sea, which is now becoming a matter of close attention from the main specialized UNO maritime authority.
 During the breaks between the sittings of the session the representatives of SE "MSRS" also conducted a row of consultations. In particular, an agreement with Turkish delegation was made about conduction of the second round of Ukrainian Turkish consultations in terms of cooperation in search and rescue, in January 2019 in Istanbul.



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