Marine Search and Rescue Service took part in Ukrainian Forum 2018


 The representatives of State Enterprise "Marine Search and Rescue Service" of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine took part in Ukrainian Ports Forum-2018, which took place from Mat 30th to June 1st in Odesa. The representatives of government entities, business, investors, international financial entities and other market participants, who influence the ports development and the amount of investments to the port infrastructure.

The Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan announced the information regarding adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers on May 30th The National Transport Strategy of Ukraine for the period until 2030 and dwelt upon the main directions of the strategy.
The participants exchanged opinions regarding the perspectives of investments in Ukraine, financing of the infrastructural projects by Ukrainian sea Ports Authority on behalf of the state, about the impossibility of such financing in case of decrease of the port dues and the absence of the compensation mechanism of such expenditures to the country.
Investments to ports infrastructure through credits from the international financial entities on FOC basis is out of question for Ukraine. Meanwhile, in the process of making decision by the international financial entities all the existing risks, including economical stability and the level of corruption, are carefully studied.
The representatives of business also expressed different opinions about the perspectives of diminishing the port dues. Also, an opinion about the necessity of diminishing the port dues, as grounds for increasing cargo turn-over. Still the representatives of business and cargo owners cannot guarantee the increase of cargo turn-over with diminishing of port dues. The representative of Cargill expressed an opinion about the absence of any influence of the rate policy on their business.
The only thing left is to believe in the possibility of compromise between the participants with the aim not to cause any harm to the development of the maritime segment of our country.

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