Odesa hosted 14th Black Sea Search and Rescue Conference


On 20-21 September Odesa gathered maritime rescuers of the Black sea countries for the annual 14th Black Sea SAR Conference.
The representatives of Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine took part in the event, as well as representatives of different state authorities and services of Ukraine.
The conference started with the opening addresses of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Mr. Andrii Galuschak, director of State Enterprise "Marine Search and Rescue Service" Mr. Victor Sudarev and Head of State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety Mr. Mykhailo Noniak.

The delegations of the countries gave their presentations regarding SAR facilities and capabilities, SAR operations statistics and false alerts statistics.
Special attention of the participants was drawn to the fact, that the efficiency of SAR operations conduction in the area of responsibility of Ukraine became more complicated. This happened due to the fact that the activity of MRSC, coastal radio stations and AIS base stations, located on the territory of the Crimean peninsula are temporarily suspended as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol are temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.
The delegations also informed the participants of the event about the Plans of cooperation regarding SAR activities between SAR services and passenger vessels according to the regulation V/7.3 SOLAS and IMO circular MSC/Circ.1079.
After presentation of Georgian representative, the delegates took part in the discussion about the functioning of the informational WEB-portal of the Black sea MRCCs.
Together with this, the countries supported the initiative to organize the training of the instructors for further preparation of coordinators of SAR operations in the Black sea region. They also considered the experience of the countries concerning the usage of software for search and rescue, which is used by the Black sea MRCCs.
The delegates also exchanged opinions concerning the Plan of conduction of regional maritime SAR exercises. The Ukrainian delegation expressed its intentions to conduct the abovementioned exercises with Romania in 2018.
Besides, the representatives of Ukrainian delegation suggested to the delegates of Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey to consider the question of signing bilateral agreements concerning vessel traffic AIS data exchange in the Black sea region. It was also reported about the readiness of Ukraine to sign agreements with Bulgaria and Romania concerning the delimitation of relevant SAR regions in the Black sea.
On the second day of the conference the fleet of SE "Marine Search and Rescue Service" and State Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) were demonstrated to the participants.



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