Sub-regional training for SAR Administrators


Sub-regional training for SAR Administrators took place in Odessa from 10 to 12 September 2013 organised by the IMO and hosted by Marine Search and Rescue Service of Ukraine. Representatives of SAR services from all the 6 Black Sea littoral states participated in the course. Such training was the first ever held in Ukraine.


The IMO summoned as the course lecturer Mr Christer Waldegren, a retired Swedish top SAR officer, a many years member of the Joint IMO-ICAO Working Group on maritime and aeronautical SAR, and therefore a co-author of the IAMSAR manual. The course started with the national presentations in order to get the audience better acquainted both to each other and to national SAR systems. Within a couple of hours Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey and Ukraine presented their national SAR administrative structures, relevant legislations, forces and facilities and their deployment, maps of SAR regions and GMDSS A1 and A2 areas coverage and so on and so forth. The audience exchanged the views about various aspects of functioning and certain peculiarities of national systems.


Then the lecturer led the audience across the main topic System Management, based on the IAMSAR Vol. 1 with detailed and comprehensive comments from the speaker, and at the same time the participants were invited all the time to give their remarks and suggestions reflecting the national SAR systems’ peculiarities. Upon brief descriptions of SAR systems in the UK and Baltic Sea, a number of valuable notes and suggestions were pushed forward, some of them to be raised for discussion at the forthcoming 10-th Black Sea SAR Conference in Novorossiysk, Russia, in October.


Also, the course attendants were shown the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre equipped with modern electronics and IT facilities.


The training course audience stood up in the Moment of Silence to commemorate the heroism of the 5 Turkish rescuers who died in December 2012 saving lives of Ukrainian crew from the sinking Volgo-Balt 199 near Istanbul.


Mr Valev presented the speech of the IMO Secretary General Mr Koji Sekimizu on the World Maritime Day to be celebrated these days. Also, Mr Valev described the work of IMO Integrated Technical Co-operation Programme and the Secretariat’s related activities.


All the participants were impressed by the high level of the training course organisation and the technical furnishment of Marine Search and Rescue Service of Ukraine. They also cordially thanked it as well as the IMO for the effectively provided training.











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